The TWisted
Indian Story

Twisted Indian was born out of need to present Indian food in a unique light. Indian food has long been served in Indian restaurants as inherently rich and somewhat spicy. Spicy to the point that not everyone can enjoy that spice level. Twisted Indian (as the name suggests) was created to serve Indian Fusion food that is inherently mild and healthy. Each rice bowl comes with fresh-cut raw vegetables as toppings. Then there are Salads and other Signature Bowls on the menu (like Keto Bowl).


The founders noted that with the rise in obesity and cancer, there needed to be a better alternative to processed foods. Foods that were hurting the health of Canadians. The founders created a menu with focus on healthy options. Menu items that didn’t contribute negatively to customers’ health. And using their culinary background and help from mom of the family, Rekha Narang, the founders created recipes that were cooked in their own household, that tasted Indian (of course), but not spicy. Yes, Indian food can be enjoyed mild as well.

We’ve created a chef-inspired menu using unique culinary techniques with the best quality proteins, veggies and grains. Our homemade, fresh & slow cooked ingredients will satisfy any appetite and our big, bold flavours delight flexitarians, vegans and everyone in between. And most importantly, we serve it up in an efficient and convenient way.


Can Indian food be served fast? Yes. Can Indian food be mild? Yes. Can Indian food be healthy? Absolutely. These are the mantras of the brand founders. We are all about serving made to order and made from scratch food. Yes, we’re obsessed with making all our chutneys, sauces, and marinades from scratch. All our meats are marinated daily for optimum freshness and flavour. And we love making our burger patties from scratch too.

We offer Indian Fusion food with Indian flavours without making it too spicy. And no, we don’t use curry powder in our food. All our spices are ground fresh for maximum flavour; spices like cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, star-anise, coriander-seeds, paprika, and others that impart the flavours we want our guests to enjoy without feeling the heat of any spice. Our food is prepared mild, but can be made spicy upon request.

We are a family here and believe in bringing everyone to the table.