The Uniqueness of Indian Food Dedicates Its Taste to Indigenous Products

India was and still is famous for its home grown agricultural products such as a variety of grains, pulses, rice, spices etc. pages from history are witness to the richness and diversified of our Indian cuisine. Presently many a foreign denizens will swear by Indian cuisine’s taste and aroma and will never miss a chance to lay their hands upon one. It is just because of the deliciousness and intensifying flavor of our cuisines that makes them so special. Not to forget the role of Indian Spices which play a foremost role in making our cuisine’s spicy and unique in its taste.

The spices are the secret ingredients which make our cuisines famous all over the globe. They dramatically alter the recipe’s taste and color and make it much more inviting. Amongst the noteworthy spices chili pepper, ginger, fenugreek, cumin, ajwain, black mustard seed, turmeric, coriander, clove, cinnamon, cardamom, asafetida etc are the show stealers. They are used either singly or a mixture of these spices are sure to get acclamations wherever used. They are also produced in other parts of the globe but they do not stand a chance when their attributes are matched. All the spices have their own inimitable uniqueness and find their usage in various other purposes like in ayurveda etc.

Another noteworthy show stealer is the Indian Basmati Rice. It is so rare that it can only be found in northern India and some Pakistani areas adjoining the borders. This rarity gives it the exclusiveness that it truly deserves. The special characteristics of Basmati Rice which enables it to edge other grains is it’s unique fragrance and its elongation after cooking (it almost doubles it size post-cooking). Its grains are more often than not longer than other rice. Another characteristic which differentiates it from other long grained rice is its free flowing nature post cooking unlike the sticky nature of others.

Our culture has been promoting the usage of Garden Fresh Vegetables, like potatoes and onionsfrom time immemorial, unlike western countries where Frozen Vegetables are preferred. This inclination towards healthy eating and living has gained us a reputation of being a self-sufficient country and an exporter of various highly nutritious and in the pink food products. These particular aspects of our Indian culture have made us a super power when agricultural sector is brought into concern. The uniqueness that our Indian cuisine offers is purely dedicated to these indigenous stuffs which are making us prouder and will continue to do so in the near future.

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