The Secret to Making Delicious Indian Food

It is a good idea to surprise our families by occasionally cooking a rare Indian dish that really tastes good. But being a non-Indian, have you ever wondered why your ‘Chicken Tikka Masala’ or ‘Goan Prawn Curry’ doesn’t come the way when an Indian friend makes it? The peculiar taste that makes Indian dishes truly Indian is always missing. This is because, as you would have guessed, there are always some methods and/or style that segregates cuisines in different geographies. If you try to make an Indian dish in British style it obviously will taste more British than Indian.

One secret for authentic Indian dishes, especially non-vegetarian dishes, is use of correct mix of spices like turmeric powder. But most importantly it is recommended that you buy the spices required for an Indian dish from some Indian store, as the origin of the ingredient will also play an important role in the taste of the dish itself.

For example if you are using tamarind in some dish then use of tamarind from Thailand may change the taste of the entire dish, as the Thai tamarind is sweeter than the ones found in India.

For a classic Indian chicken curry, the masala (mis of spices) used is comparatively complex to prepare. It is advisable that you buy it ready made packet from the store.

India is a country that has coconut trees everywhere. It is not a surprise that most of the south Indian curries have coconut milk or scraped coconut as the most important side ingredient. If you are planning to try a recipe that has coconut as an ingredient, try to buy a real coconut instead of the regualr coconut powder.

For best results you should always follow some culinary resource that has originally created recipes by Indians. There are various good online recipe websites that should help you.

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