Ethnic Village Food and Related Tourism

The food habits in villages are entirely different from that of the towns and cities. The people in the villages have certain cuisines which are handed over from generations to generations. This makes it tastier compared to fast food and other cuisines available in the restaurants.

The tourists from the developed countries often visit some tourist villages mainly to taste the ethnic food in that location. Moreover, they are curious about the recipes of village cuisines. Some of these tourists try to make food in home stays in village tourist destinations.

One of the internationally accepted village tourist destination is Kerala which is a small state in south India. There are hundreds of local ethnic dishes available here. Tourists from different parts of the world come here on yearly basis in order to taste the traditional village food in this region.

Some of the important ethnic Kerala dishes are Kappa, Kari meen (fish) and kattan kappy (drink). Here, kappa can be prepared very easily with tapioca and kari meen will take some time to be prepared. Interestingly kari meen is a special kind of fish only found in the back waters. The tourists can also catch this fish if they go for back water tourism.

Most of the tourists from UK and USA enjoy ethnic village food in house boats which is a special feature of back water tourism. These house boats consists of kitchens which caters variety of south Indian dishes. Moreover, people from all over the world enjoy here because of the unique taste which is available in very cheap price.

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