Durban South Africa: Your Paradise Away From Home

Durban is situated in the Kwa-Zulu Natal province and for many years, it has been a famous tourist destination because of its tropical climate, picturesque beaches, and friendly and relaxing environment.

The beachfront of Durban, South Africa is also called as the golden mile can be matched up to the city of Miami, Florida in the USA because of its fun atmosphere and energetic nightlife.

Aside from being home to the biggest population of Indians in South Africa, Durban is also the homeland of the indigenous Zulu population. More than three hundred contracted workers from India came to Durban Bay in 1860 as laborers for the sugar cane fields. These workers, together with the huge number of Indians created Durban their home and due to the mix of various religions and races that have established in this beautiful coastal metropolis, Durban became very culturally diverse.

If you are planning to visit Durban, South Africa, don’t forget to stop at the new Moses Mabida Stadium, which is famous for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. You can take a tour of this top-notch stadium and dine at various great restaurants surrounding the area. You can also try the cable car ride going to the stadium’s top to see the magnificent 360 degrees view of Durban. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to watch a soccer game and feel the local soccer scene, which is considered as a very unique event that you should not miss.

Experience Durban’s delectable cuisine

Due to the cultural and ethnic diversity of the city, tourists from all over the world have wide range of options when it comes to the scrumptious local foods from the age-old African fare to the Afrikaaner favorites including boerewors, bunny chows, curries and savouries. For vacationers who are not into native cuisines, there are a lot of great restaurants, fast food and cafes around town.

Durban City is all about the Beach!

Durban is the place where you can find the one and only surfing museum in South Africa, which is considered as one of the best surfing city in the world. The city is the closest harbor to Johannesburg and it is known as a fundamental part of Durban. It has 2 yacht clubs and the BAT center, a wonderful little cultural site in the heart of the harbor. BAT or Bartle Arts Trust is the breeding ground of local musical and visual art creativity combined with some pubs, coffee shops and fine restaurants – all these are overlooking the breathtaking harbor so you will be able to enjoy your cup of coffee while watching the busy marina.


Durban’s accommodations are easily concentrated down the beachfront, near the city’s central business district. High-rise and slick hotels with magnificent views of the sea and swimming pools flourish along this dynamic strip. The suburbs of Morningside and Berea are another area near the central business district and the beachfront where you can find more guesthouses, hotels, affordable villas and apartments and bed and breakfasts, as well as excellent shopping malls and restaurants. It is recommended to book your accommodation in advance especially during December and January.

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