A Variety Of Indian Food

India is a country where each state has its own culture and special foods. The diverse climatic conditions in each region also contribute to the variety of Indian food. The different culinary preparations are usually characterized by lots of vegetables, pulses and spices. Vegetarianism is prevalent in many areas. British, Mughal and Portuguese rule in the country has influenced the palate and food of many places.

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Variety of Indian food is reflected in the different regional cultures and the ingredients and spices vary. North India is abundant in pulses and legumes, so the cuisine consists of a lot of different rotis, parathas and dals and curd. Pickles and chutney are also very popular in this area. Mughal inspiration is very noticeable in many non vegetarian dishes, particularly in Kashmir.

Eastern Indian consumes a lot of rice and rice based dishes and curries. Being close to or beside various water bodies, fish constitutes a big part of eastern Indian cuisine. Spices such as cumin, coriander and mustard are used in abundance.

South Indian food is extremely popular all over India and internationally as well. Rice, coconut, tamarind, curd, curry leaves and mustard seeds feature prominently in the cuisine from this region. Dosa, idli, rasam, sambhar, curd rice, lemon rice are some of the popular dishes.

Food habits in Western India are varied within that region. Goa serves up delectable delights that mirror the heavy influence of extended Portuguese rule in that area. The food is coastal and spicy; whereas further up around the deserts rotis and pickle or preserves make up the regular diet of the people there, due to a lack of green vegetation in that arid region.

Besides these, a variety of Indian food can also be noticed in the various snacks and sweets that the people of this country love to indulge in. The Khana Khazana website also offers a huge collection of recipes through sections dedicated specifically to tickle the sweet tooth and snacking habit of Indians. Snacks and beverages are extremely popular here and the food loving Indians often indulge in fried and baked goodies with tea, coffee, lassi (yoghurt shake), lemonade or fresh fruit juices.

Milk and milk based products are used widely in dessert dishes here. A variety of nuts, molasses, coconut and flour are some of the main ingredients of Indian sweets. Cultural influences can be seen in these items as well.

For the food lover, the variety of Indian food is a big attraction and to sample the same at home one can pick recipes from the Khana Khazana website, enjoy the cooking and relish the various scrumptious dishes.

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